In this world of a constantly evolving culture of music, known as Bjack onda track, I'm breaking my way into the industry. I'm a Texas born, Louisiana raised music enthusiast that brings a wide range of musical influences to the artist ears. Originally a classical pianist, I mastered the piano very quickly at the young age of twelve. Impressing my teacher with great skill and creativity, she advised me to not just listen to the music but create it, which motivated me to become an arranger for my high school band. I graduated and joined Southern University's Human Jukebox Marching band where I perfected being a trombone player. I note that marching band introduced me to many different genres such as soul, blues, jazz and other music pioneers that would play a vital role in my future works. It wasn't until recently did I go into production because my love of music reminded me where my heart was and that I needed to show the world my passion. Although rather new to it, true musical origins still lie deep in my soul. Mainly a rap and R&B producer, I like to study different genres to diversify my sound which helps me describe it as GENUINEEXPRESSIVE and RICH IN COLOR. So feel free to browse the playlists and step into my world of Harmony and Rhythm!